Sports Law is not simply the law as applied to a specific sector

“It is refreshing to have on call an advocate who understands that Sports Law is not simply the law as applied to a specific sector, but is enshrined in its own rules and regulations.

As an experienced sportsman having played at top level in the professional arena himself, Daniel understands that sport is more often than not governed by its own values and passions, and that these are factors which influence outcomes and should be taken into account.

The legend which was Bill Shankly once said “Football is not just a matter of life and death. It is more important than that”. ¬†Ask Rupert Murdoch why sport is now a multi-billion pound industry.

The law and now many lawyers have come to realise this, and it is therefore vitally important that those who do practice in Sports Law have a deep understanding of how sport and sports men and women tick.

Daniel is undoubtedly one of them.”
– Peter Millichip, Business Development Director at The Business of Sport “TBOS” and Chief Executive of Sir Bert Millichip Sports. –

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The Sports Barrister

Sports Barrister is a trading name for Daniel White who is a specialist Sports Lawyer providing confidential legal advice and advocacy services for those accused of sporting disciplinary breaches. Dan works closely with the elite in the UK sports industry from amatuer to professional athletes.
Other law services include, licensing Law, Regulatory Law, Anti-Doping Violations, Private Criminal Defence and Professional Disciplinary Tribunals.


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