Dan White has become and remains my “go to” Barrister

I have instructed Daniel (“Dan”) White over a number of years especially in respect of Sports Law and Regulatory Matters. Dan White has become my “Go to” Barrister for such types of cases.

The decision to instruct Dan White was and is based upon his knowledge and experience, but in particular his ability to assimilate complex cases often at short notice, but despite the lack of time to be immaculately prepared for each hearing.

Dan White has an easy and relaxed style with clients, the ability to be able to make the complex understandable and to concisely and patiently explain the same to the client. The same straight forward style is used in his language plain, concise,
never florid and not given to hyperbole or jargon and as such is well received both by clients and the courts and tribunals for which he is appearing.

Dan White is not afraid to give robust and commercial advice when required and to point out the weakness of the case in question and the potential cost consequences. However having given such advice to then suggest sound solutions to mitigate the clients position.

Unlike many Dan White is always prepared to go the extra mile with research and enquiries to ensure that the client has the best and most relevant advice. This enquiring approach is clearly derived for a fascination of the Law and a quest to ensure that he is always best equipped to deal with a particular case.

I instructed Dan White particularly in connection with a high profile case involving a large mound of waste material. Again Dan White brought all of the attributes as above to the case which led over a number of months and a number of interim hearings to the very real protection of the client’s interests and the time for the client to attempt to regularise the position. Again all of the skills were on display, a comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory environment, subtlety and diplomacy both with the other side and the client, but with an iron resolve to achieve the best outcome for the client. Equally I instructed Dan White in a complex contractual/sponsorship dispute between a national sporting association and a supplier of sporting equipment. Again Dan White’s preparation and in this case the settling of papers advancing a robust case led to a settlement very much in the clients favour despite the difficulties of the case.

It is for these reasons that Dan White has become and remains my “go to” Barrister in such cases.

Michael Davies, Solicitor


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