Private defence Barrister for Athletes and Sporting Celebrities

Daniel White has defended several British Boxing Champions of various weights before the Crown court. These cases have resulted in either acquittal’s (not guilty verdicts) or plea negotiations that resulted in none immediate custodial sentences being imposed.

Daniel has represented a celebrated jockey / horse trainer in relation to an alleged rape in the back of a horse lorry. The jury returned a not guilty verdict in less than 20 minutes of deliberation.

Daniel has represented several rugby players, both professional and none, accused of a variety of offences before the Crown court. Those cases have involved both on and off field alleged criminality. Whether it be a fractured jaw resulting from an on-field melee or criminality of any other kind, Daniel is best placed to advise the client on pre-police interview decisions, post charge tactics and, of course, at every stage of the trial proceedings themselves.

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The Sports Barrister

Sports Barrister is a trading name for Daniel White who is a specialist Sports Lawyer providing confidential legal advice and advocacy services for those accused of sporting disciplinary breaches. Dan works closely with the elite in the UK sports industry from amatuer to professional athletes.
Other law services include, licensing Law, Regulatory Law, Anti-Doping Violations, Private Criminal Defence and Professional Disciplinary Tribunals.


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